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    How can I receive bytes on the "test UART" AKA HCI_UART?

      I am writing firmware for the BCM20736 using the WICED tools on Windows 8.1 and I need help in understanding how to receive bytes on the "test UART" AKA HCI_UART.  The ble_trace0() function can send bytes, but how do I receive them?


      I see the following functions that might be related, but can't find adequate documentation on how to use them:


      A. bleprofile_regHandleUARTCb( BLEPROFILE_DOUBLE_PARAM_CB cb)

         1. Does the callback return data, the number of bytes, or only inform the application that data is ready?


      B. bleprofile_ReadUART(char *data)

         1. Does this function block?

         2. Is there a way to tell how many bytes were returned?


      C. Is there a lower level function than ble_trace0() for sending bytes out the test/HCI UART port?


      D. Are there other functions to support this UART?


      Thanks in advance,