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    Help on FAILED! PSoC device is not acquried




      I have aqcuired a project from a former employee that was in the final stages of development. I have the first production run of the final product and I am trying to program them.


      I cannot get the PSoC processor to be recognized by the programmer. PSoC part CY8C4246AZI-L433 - verified by visual inspection of part on board


      VDDA, VDDD is 5.0V

      VSSA, VSSD (2) to ground

      VCCD to 1uF cap to ground

      VDDIO is 5.0V


      There is a 10 pin header on the pcboard for programming.

      pin 1 - +5v, verified with DMM and also in the programmer.

      Pin 3,5,7,9 - gnd

      pin 2 to pin P3[2] on chip, verified with ohm meter

      pin 4 to P3[3] on chip, verified with ohm meter

      pin 6,8 NC

      pin 10 to pin36 (XRES) on chip with 0.1uF to gnd

      I have also tried to program using creator with the same results


      I have checked the connections between the PSoC and programmer header

      I think the programming protocol is correct

      The correct connection option is selected.


      What am I missing?