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    Required wl utility/executable for Compliance testing




      We are working on a product based on Jetson TX2 which uses the in-built BCM4354 wifi module present in it. We need the "wl utility tool" for the compliance testing and when asked to Nvidia about it, they said we can get it from cypress so we are in need of your help right now.

      I saw many forum pages on cypress, you people have given wl tool binaries based on the customer requirement.

      It would be really helpful if we could also get the utility tool based on our JetsonTX2 requirement.

      For you kind information, we are using bcmdhd based wifi driver. The chip's architecture is arm64 and the toolchain we are using is "aarch64-linux-gnu-"

      Anticipating your quick response.



      Akash Sekhar

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