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    PSoC6 Em_EEPROM management


      I am a newbie to management of Em_EEPROM/Flash and trying to get a handle on how best to store/retrieve data.  I have the processes for read/write figured out, but management is the question.


      I understand that the PSoC6 Em_EEPROM is byte-addressable.  I have a data set that I need to manage, about 800 records of 10 bytes each that I also need to be able to search and update where required.  Just wondering how best to store the data, whether I should have a 3D array of 80 Rows, each row containing 10 x 10-byte records.


      Does anyone have examples of 2D/3D  EEPROM data management?  Is there such method for the above example of having eeArray[x][y][z] for example and being able to pack the data as I mentioned above?  Or should I just go eeArray[0-800][0-9] ?  How do I stipulate where the data actually goes?  Is it sequential into the memory space, or do these arrays get recorded in individual rows?


      When searching through the data, do I need to figure out the physical addresses, or is this done by reference to my array configuration?  eg eeArray[7][6] sufficient to retrieve the data?