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    CCG3PA Configuration - get_alt_mode_numb returning 0


      During my attempts to debug why my DFP is failing to initiate alt mode discovery, I've found the "get_alt_mode_numb" function is returning a count of 0. After diving into the config.c file a bit with a hex editor, I can indeed verify that "get_pd_port_config(port)->alt_mode_tbl_offset" is set to 0x00,0x00. Surely this indicates something is incorrectly configured within the EZ-PD Configuration Utility, but I'm not certain what exactly. I've added a SVID node and populated it's value, and set "Modal operation supported" to "Yes". What other settings are all required to enable alt modes from the configuration utility?


      I've attached my configuration output.


      Thanks for any insight you might be able to provide,

      Nathan W

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          >>The default firmware of CCG3PA can only read power related information since CCG3PA is mainly used for power applications. Hence it won't be reading any data information provided in config.c. Thus the alt_mode_tbl_offset is set to 0x00.


          >>It doesn't matter if the SVID node is populated or 'Modal Operation supported' is set to Yes since these fields are concerned with the data sink (responder), not with the initiator (the one which sends Discover Identity).


          If you want to use CCG3PA for data roles you will have to customize the firmware.


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