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    USB PSoC 4 Bootloader Options for Macintosh?


      I'm developing a product using a USB PSoC 4 and I'll need to provide a way for customers to update firmare.


      I know Cypress provides a USB HID bootloader client for Windows but not Mac.  However many potential customers use Macintosh and it's not realistic to expect them to buy Windows and run it in a partition just to update my product's firmware.


      - Has anyone created a Mac port of the bootloader client?

      - Is there a PSoC USB bootloader that enumerates as mass storage?  i.e. Where a file to be bootloaded is simply copied to the virtual drive on the host? This should work on either Windows or Mac with no need for a host program.

      - Any other suggestions on how to enable Mac users to update PSoC firmware?

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          PSoC Creator is only supported in windows. You will need VM software to run Creator on a MAC, however we do not support it officially.


          We have a draft project for PSoC5LP enumerating as mass storage. Please note that this project is not 100% validated and can have issues.The project just enumerates as USB mass storage with a file in it. You can have a similar implementation for PSoC 4. The project does not contain the Bootloader part and you will need to add it on your own.


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