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    USB Bootloader for CYPD3120




      Please help me.


      I'm new to embedded programming


      In my own project I use controller CYPD3120 and want update firmware with help USB Bootloader.



      For write my firmware I use IDE PSoC Creator 4.3.



      I use components USBFS and Bootloader. After Generate Aplication I get two errors:

      1. ADD: sdb.M0059: error: Error in component: USBFS_1. The USBFS_v3_20 component (USBFS_1) is not compatible with the selected device. Please check the component datasheet for details on updating to a compatible component.

      2. Error: fit.M0050: The fitter aborted due to errors, please address all errors and rebuild. (App=cydsfit)



      I did everything according to the instructions in this documentation:




      You can view my schematic in attach. This  will use for control stepper motors.






      Thank you!