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    Switch between Bootloadable images without reset


      I have a Dual-App Bootloader and two identical Bootloadable applications in a PSOC5LP. I have functioning code that updates one image while executing out of the other. Now I need to be able to switch from one image to the other, after updating it, WITHOUT issuing a reset ("hitless upgrade") that affects I/O pins (power supply enables, peripheral resets, etc) or SRAM (task state machine variables, register settings).


      Is there a well-understood mechanism to pass control from one application image to another, or to do so via the bootloader but without service-affecting reset?


      I figure it should be possible (if arduous) to ensure both images point to the same memory structures, and upon booting the image decide whether or not to initialize based on the reset source (or just a bit in memory).


      Any pointers are welcome! Thanks in advance.