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    Encryption failed, connection issue and bond difficulties !!

      Hi everyone,


      I'am working with BCM20737s and the connection between the module and the smartphone is so catastrophic, the first time the devices make the bond; exchange their keys but the next connection procedures always fail and the two devices disconnect quickly (after under 1 minute).


      >The callback of the change of the encryption (wiced_sense_encryption_changed(HCI_EVT_HDR *evt)) is not called every connection and i don't know why!

      >The callback of the bond is not called too !! (wiced_sense_smp_bond_result(LESMP_PARING_RESULT  result))

      >The connection is not stable if only if the two device succes the bond every connection or change their encryption keys ??!!

      >Has the fine timer interval any influence on the connection and the bond procedure ??

      >Does the android version and the smartphone brand impact the connection (Sony xperia Z1 , Z2 are so effective compared to samsung Tab4) ?


      Here is my source code in the attached file.