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    BLE switch from (Profile)iBeacon to (Broadcaster/Observer) Eddystone programmatically.

    Neeraj Dhekale



      I have developed firmware in Cypress to get data from (Broadcaster/Observer) Eddystone TLM which I believe is 1-way communication and now I want to make some changes remotely (will not more frequently) in advertising data so I was seeking help to switch the same BLE (Broadcaster/Observer) Eddystone TLM programmatically into

      normal iBeacon(Profile as per PSOC) so that I can write some data into its data characteristics and used it again for BLE (Broadcaster/Observer) Eddystone TLM and vise versa.


      I am using the CYBLE-0220001-00 module. It has only one BLE. On every boot I want BLE to work as (Profile) iBeacon for 1st 1 minute or after any trigger and then that should automatically change to (Broadcaster/Observer) Eddystone beacon.


      I have tried a lot but I am not understanding which function can help me to do the same. Please help I am a beginner in Cypress.


      Thanks in advance.