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    [PSOC4 4147AZS-S475]: IAR debug failed when enable ECO


      Hi all,


            I use PSOC Creator 4.3 create a demo project for 4147AZS-S475, and system clock settings as blow,


      I can use PSOC Creator 4.3 debug the demo, it's OK. Then I export the demo to IAR, but IAR debugging is failed. Errors occur while initialize system clock, if codes enable EXCO, the debug is failed.The code is shown blow,



            It's so strange, if I download code to chip using IAR, it can run well. But I can't using IAR debug the code.

            While debug failed, IAR shows CPU status FAILED,


           I guess, IAR can't connect to MCU when enable EXCO. How can I fix the error..


      Best Regards