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    NVRAM data lost after reset


      I define one ID in stacknvram.h, during the application initialize, read this ID(1 byte) with bleprofile_ReadNVRAM(), if the value is not the dedicate value application expect, it will be initialize to the dedicated value and write back with bleprofile_WriteNVRAM(). But when the application reset and check this ID again, it seems the value is lost, any idea about this issue?

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          Are you checking to see if the read/write to NVRAM are successful after calling the methods?

          bleprofile_ReadNVRAM and bleprofile_WriteNVRAM will return the number of bytes read and written to NVRAM, respectively.

          So if the read/write was successful, you should get 1 since you are only using 1 byte. If you get 0, that means the attempt was a fail.


          Also when you say that the application resets, do you mean you are pushing the reset button on the board?



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            i checked the return value and after i write, i use the read function to get the flag value, it's the dedicated value i write into it.

            But after i press the reset butter or trig the WDT, the value is missing.

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              I'll look into reading/writing to NVRAM after reset.

              If you post your source code, I'd be happy to look into it, see if there are any other variables affecting the problem.



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                here is the code:

                define the ID in stacknvram.h

                #define  VS_BLE_USR_DEV_INFO0x10
                #define  VS_BLE_DEV_INFOR_SERVICE0x11
                #define     VS_BLE_ADV_DATA0x12
                #define     VS_BLE_INIT_FLAG0x13


                //Application data structure initialized

                void app_init(void)


                     UINT8 i;

                     static UINT8 init_flag;

                     // Read configure information

                     bleprofile_ReadNVRAM(VS_BLE_INIT_FLAG, 1, &init_flag);

                     ble_trace1("Init flag is %x. \r\n", init_flag);

                     if(INIT_FLAG != init_flag) {

                          // Default application structure and save to NVRAM


                          //Save initialize flag

                          init_flag = INIT_FLAG;

                          i = bleprofile_WriteNVRAM(VS_BLE_INIT_FLAG, 1, &init_flag);

                          if(!i) {

                               ble_trace0("fail to Save init flag\r\n");


                          else {

                               ble_trace1("Save init flag, length is %d\r\n", i);


                          bleprofile_ReadNVRAM(VS_BLE_INIT_FLAG, 1, &init_flag);

                          ble_trace1("Read back init flag, value is %d\r\n", init_flag);


                     else {

                          // Read application structure from NVRAM



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                  Hmm.. I've tested your code and it works perfectly fine.

                  The code that you gave me is bug free.

                  Perhaps something else in your code is overwriting or resetting the init_flag in NVRAM.


                  Can you send me the whole source code file?

                  If you are not comfortable uploading the whole file on the forum, you can email me: jamesle1@broadcom.com



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                    Thanks a lot, i will check this again and see if i can find something, if not, i will send to and ask for your help.

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                      Did everything work out for you?



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                        still not, i have sent out a email to you just and attached the application files.

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                          We are really struggling to recreate this one internally wewu_1392881


                          userc_19497 was somewhat able to compile the code you provided by commenting out quite a few things that he felt was unrelated to the issue, but when he runs the app, it resets by itself and calls the app_create function multiple times.


                          It would really help if you could recreate the specific issue using one of the sample applications/TAG3 board with a minimal number of changes (i.e. enough to re-create the issue). The internal apps team can then revisit.