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    FX3 Can not boot up as usb3.0 but the control center shows programing succeeded


      hello, now  i am testing my design which base on cyusb3014. the fx3 can boot up as usb2.0 and run streaming test correctly(work with usb2 cable), but if i conntect it with usb3.0 cable and program its ram, though the control center shows "programing succeeded", the device can not be identified by PC(I can not find fx3 usb streamerExample device in Device manager).

      This is my first time touch to fx3, so may the hardware design have some big problems. hope for your help, thanks.


      Here is my .sch file and .pcb design. (using kIcad).

      A Type-C port is on pcb but it just work as usb3.0, I connect this device to PC by a Type-C to Type-A USB 3.0 cable. Did i need to exchange the position of ssrx and sstx ?



      你好,我最近设计了一个和cyusb3014相关的设备,现在正在测试fx3芯片是否能正常工作。通过usb2.0线缆连接并编程的fx3能够被识别并运行streaming传输测试,但是当我用usb3.0线缆连接时,尽管Control center向Fx3的ram写入程序会显示成功编程,但是编程之后设备无法被检测到. 我第一次做关于FX3的硬件设计,所以有可能在设计上就存在不少问题,希望工程师能够向我提供一些建议。





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