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    Signal strength of CYBLE-0220001-00 BLE

    Neeraj Dhekale


      We are developing wristband without a screen so we are planning to have a 3.7V 500mAh battery on top, then PCB that will have CYBLE-0220001-00 module soldered, and on the same PCB on the bottom side there will be MAX30100 heart rate sensor.


      So here my question is as I am planning to have CYBLE-0220001-00 BLE in between Battery and MAX30100 sensor module. I am worried about do I get the CYBLE-0220001-00 BLE (signal strength) range as usual? or it will drop due to battery-penetrating(battery material)(BLE signal cannot pass easily) of battery kept on top?


      Please suggest an arrangement of CYBLE-0220001-00.


      I am attaching a battery image for your reference. Click here

      Thanks and regards,