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    EZ USB Suite theme


      My company bought recently a Cypress Superspeed Explorer Kit FX3 for development.

      Since I installed the EZ USB Suite and I’m trying to do code/firmware, the white theme starts to interfere with my eyes. So, I decided to change it to a black theme or something more darker than the white theme (the original one).

      When I go to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance, appears an error “
      The currently displayed page contains invalid valueS”. It doesn't let me chose a theme.

      I searched about this problem and I saw that I’m not the only one who has this problem:
      As you can see, in 2016 someone had the same error.

      I would like to know, if possible, if the error has been corrected and how can I correct it.Also, I tried to access "Eclipse Marketplace" and it appears an error "Internet Connection". I already changed Network Connections from Native to Manual and Direct but the error persists. (In my compay I have the IPV6 off).


      Thank you very much!