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    PSoC Creator 4.3 Suddenly Unable to Open Projects - URGENT!


      I upgraded to PSoC Creator 4.3 a few days ago and it was working fine.


      Today, I tried to open a project from an SVN repository that I had created using PSoC Creator 4.2.   Creator displayed an error (which I did not record) as I opened the project (something to do with permissions to run code).  I terminated the process and then went to go open the 4.3 projects that I had just previously been working on.  Ever since then, every time I try to open any of my (v4.3) projects, I get an error dialog:



      I have tried Rebooting, "Repairing" and total re-installation of PSoC creator, PDL's, Programmer, with the exact same results.


      I am in the middle of a project and this is urgent, so any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!  :-)