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    CY7C65215 reconfiguration when mfg disabled




      I wanted to configure my CY7C65215 with SCB0 being a I2C master, but I just wanted to use the Cypress Vid/Pid.  So, I configured the device as below.  Unfortunately, that doesn't load the vendor driver correctly as it is not in the .inf that way. 



      I would like to re-configure the part, but I don't see to be able to get back to manufacturing mode.   These are the HW IDs I have in Device Manager:




      I followed the instructions here: Cypress USB-Serial with Custom VID/PID and Manufacturing Interface Disabled - KBA222695   (Update driver, CypressSerial.inf... -> Usb-Serial Composite Device; then select the new device that has the _MI on it and select the vendor driver....   But it doesn't show up in the config utility. 




      Am I doing somethign wrong?  Should I be able to re-configure this Cypress part after configuring as above (Manufacturing interface disabled)?  Is there a way for me to get back to that state?



      - Gary