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    Murata Type1LD Wifi module - Wiced studio 6.2 client certificate and client key doubt


      Hi Team ,


      I am using Murata!LD wifi module for communicate to Azure server .Initiall I got the certificate data from following path


      For Client certificate - apps/azure_iot_hub/client.cer

      For Client Key          - 'apps/azure_iot_hub/privkey.cer


      1)resource_get_readonly_buffer( &resources_apps_DIR_azure_iot_hub_DIR_client_cer, 0, MQTT_MAX_RESOURCE_SIZE, &size_out, (const void **) &security.cert );


      2)resource_get_readonly_buffer( &resources_apps_DIR_azure_iot_hub_DIR_privkey_cer, 0, MQTT_MAX_RESOURCE_SIZE, &size_out, (const void **) &security.key );


      Using above condition I can able to connect to azure server and able to send data also.


      Now I received the new certificate from UART like this I received and copied into some temp array .


      client_cert_data[1200] and cert_length =1200.

      client_key_data[1600] and key_length =1600.



      Insted of using above 1) and 2)  method I plan to use following copy function .But I am not able to publish data please anyone give solution.


      strncpy( security.cert,client_cert_data,cert_length );

      security.cert_len = cert_length ;

      strncpy( security.key,client_key_data,key_length );

      security.key_len = key_length;




      Ravi S