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    Questions with Cy4609 development kit


      Questions with Cy4609 development kit

      1. Questions related to cypress HX3 Vendor Mode driver.

      1.1 There is no hub function in this mode.

      1.2 Does CyUSB.dll used by HX3 Blaster Plus have instructions for use? and it is best to have c++ code examples

      2. Is there any source code for the firmware of Cy4609 HX3? we would like to develop some customized functions

      Hope to answer.

      thank you very much.

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          1.1 Yes, the vendor mode is to allow firmware upgrade to the EEPROM using the Blaster Plus utility.

          1.2 The Blaster Plus code example using the CyUSB.dll isnt available because the HX3 is a fixed firmware part and hence we cant share the vendor commands needed for programming.

          2. Please use the configuration settings to customize HX3 as per your application. You could refer to Page 25 in the datasheet for the different customization options available.


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