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    Is the BLE public address the mandatory when we make a product?


      Dear Cypress team,


      Recently, we are going to make a product using the Modustoolbox BLE chip(WICED).

      That product use the BLE only and we do not use any security function on BLE. (No security connection)

      The peer device checks the advertising data only, do not save the address.

      So, there is no need for the public address.


      If we don't need to use the public address (use the static random address only), don't we need to write the public address in the module?

      Is the public address mandatory item?




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          First of all, please note that this is not an easy problem to address.

          And as far as I'm concerned, I will recognize "public address" mentioned above as "Public Device Address", which is used officially to denote "a combination of a company ID and a company-assigned ID per device following the IEEE 802-2001 standard".

          Last but not least, the following opinion only represents my point of view.


          I can't say the Public Device Address is mandatory, but I should say it's highly recommended when your product is widely used. If you need to make each of your devices a unique one around the world according to your technical and economic concerns, then you must use Public Device Address. Otherwise, you can improvise.

          And I think I can say that "Static Device Address" (which I think you're referring to as "static random address") is the cost-down version of "Public Device Address" and it's defined and supported officially.

          And in your use case, I will recommend you use Non-resolvable Private Address.



          Sincere regards from C. L.