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    WiFi Scan Hang



      I am using Murata SN8205, SDK V3.1.2.


      Issue 1 -

      We see that sometimes the device hangs on wiced_wifi_scan_networks(). The device can hang anytime and is very difficult to debug.

      Is there any known issue between the communication between the STM32F2 MCU and the BCM43362?

      The default interface is WWD SDIO, does the SDIO driver have any know issue? Is it advisable to use WWD SPI interface?

      The device does not need high bandwidth transmission.


      Issue 2 -

      When we are in an environment with around 50-150 Access Point(AP), again we see that the wiced_wifi_scan_networks() hangs.

      What is the expected behavior of WWD when encountering >100 Access points?


      Is there any patch for these hang issues?




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