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    FMAC v5.4.18 slowpath mesg and not connecting to stronger APs via bgscan -50




      We are experiencing a very similar issue to the unanswered ticket below:

      Problem With Disconnecting 1DX when signal stregths is weak


      Build is the latest Linux kernel supported by murata GitHub - murata-wireless/meta-murata-wireless  (branch imx-sumo-manda). The board is a custom board based of the imx7dsabresd SDK with 1DX module ( Linux version 4.14.98 ).

      We've updated to the latest FMAC version: v5.4.18-2020_0402 as proposed by the above ticket.


      All wpa_supplicant family of tools are version 2.9


      There are no issues connecting to an AP, but in a mesh system with all APs having the same SSID and passphrase we also get the brcmfmac "warn_slowpath_null" dmesg message unwind. Monitoring the signal strength and the "connected to AP MAC" of the APs within the mesh, the wpa_supplicant setting bgscan="simple:30:-50:300"  has no effect. Between two AP's monitoring which one we're connect to the connection does not jump when the non-connected AP get stronger than -50. The change is only when the current connection goes out of range.


      These maybe two separate issues - warn_slowpath, not disconnecting at -50 but there is certainly a relationship.


      Exactly the same issues are seen on the earlier murata krogoth branch ( 4.9.88 ) using the very latest backport FMAC driver. The branch is still used in current production units so just as important.