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    code setup


      I am using psoc 4.3 and when I compile my code using the ARM MDK setting it also produces ARM GCC, AND ARM IAR FILES. Is there a way to turn off these files that I am not using?

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          Hi JIWI_1625896,


          Can you please confirm that you are referring to the build artifacts that are generated?

          This is what I tried to recreate the issue -

          1. Create an empty PSoC Creator 4.3 project. I am using a PSoC 6 device.

          2. Ensure that the CortexM4 and CortexM0p folders are empty.

          3. Change the toolchain to ARM MDK Generic in Build Settings

          4. Build the project.


          I was able to observe only ARM MDK specific build artifacts being generated.

          Can you provide steps to recreate the issue that you are facing?


          Thanks and Regards,

          Rakshith M B