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    Disassembly tab


      Good day for everyone!


      Here's my issue. I'm sort of new using the compiler (PSoC Creator 4.3 and PSoC 5LP), I'm trying to debug a project, but while running on that mode sometimes the debugger changes from the "main.c" tab to the disassembly one. I want to avoid that to happen, though I have some experience using Assembler language in other microcontrollers, I'm not used to use it with PSoC.


      Is there any way to do it? or How can I avoid that to happen? I know I can change back to the main tab and continue the debugging process without trouble, but getting at the same point the theory says that if the compiler doesn't find any source code it changes to the disassembly tab. Apart from my previous questions, Are there any means to know my code doesn't have a source to solve that problem in advance?


      I'd be very thankful and appreciate any help you could give me.