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    CYW54907 throughput



      I'm planning to create Ethernet short range (about 1-foot distance or less) point to point wireless transfer and was wondering if CYW54907 would be able to achieve 100Mbps throughput at application level (not PHY level) if I deploy 802.11ac with 5GHz frequency and 40M bandwidth. I've looked at Iperf-readme document and it only shows about 10Mbps test speed.  If not possible, what would be maximum throughput I can achieve for short distance point to point wireless transfer.


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          i-perf readme sample snippets do not demonstrate the 11ac/40M throughput for CYW54907. The test results are for BCM943362WCD4 platform which is a 2.4 GHz radio with a third party host mcu.


          If you are testing i-perf b/w 907 and access point, you should be able to achieve 100 Mbps throughput with proper tuning parameters. Please use the test.console example to test out the i-perf throughput. But if you say application level throughput, which translates to me as tcp/udp throughput using wiced api's, please note that throughput numbers will not be of the range of hundreds; instead it would be more like tens (tentatively 30 Mbps around). Now, all the above statements are made keeping the wlan interface in mind.

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            Hi, Thanks for reply. It was very helpful. What I'm trying to design is simple point to point short range wireless system. Basically replacing 100Mbps Ethernet cable for a short distance. So, there will be two CYW54907 devices. The one of the left will receive Ethernet data and pass it to second CYW54907 device on the right. Can I configure one of the two CYW54907 as access point and achieve 100Mbps speed back and forth? Meaning if I pass a video file from one side to the other, the bandwidth should be close to 100Mpbs like regular Ethernet cable and vice versa. Thanks. If not, is there something we can configure to achieve 100Mbps speed data transfer back and forth.



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              I'm assuming that we are talking about udp since throughput is of major concern here. From the application level (meaning we are using wiced_* apis to do TX/RX), we have not really tested the udp throughput but definitely i-perf can give you more than 100 Mbps.


              But implementation wise, since there is no HW L2 bridge b/w ethernet and wlan; the device on the left (assuming as gateway) will need to buffer the data received over eth, to transmit over wlan and hereby choking the throughput to some extent. Realistically, my guess would be the maximum achievable throughput to be around 30 Mbps or so (a ballpark number, based on my experience; no real test data).