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    CYUSB3014-BZXC pin D11 naming and function



      We're using CYUSB3014-BZXC in our new project, but I'm confused with pin D11 naming and function. From datasheet and reference schematic design, D11 pin naming and function are all different:

      1. Data sheet page15 Figure 6 shown D11 is NC pin;

      2. Data sheet page18 shown D11 is GPIO pin and pin name is O[60], but this chip has total 60 GPIOs (0-59), if this pin is GPIO60, then total GPIOs are 61.

      3. From 'SuperSpeed Explorer Kit Schematic' page 6 U2H block shown this pin name is I2C-GPIO60_CHARGER-DETECT.

      Could you kindly shown me what pin naming and function exactly correct for this D11 pin?

      One more question for VIO1 domain pins, except configured with GPIF II Interface and Slave FIFO Interface, all of these pins can be also be configured with normal GPIOs except L11 pin, is my understand correct?

      Br. Li