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    PSOC 6 Difference between Cy_BLE_GAPC_StartScan and Cy_BLE_GAPC_StartDiscovery


      I Have a question regarding the PSOC6 as central mode

      What I want is to read the nerby devices but I can't find an example that works on psoc 6

      I tried with 2 functions




      which one do I need to use?

      I can't even trigger none of this events:



      at first I thougth that StarScan trigger this two events

      but reading Cypress PSoC 6 Bluetooth Low Energy Middleware Library 3.40

      it says that the StartDiscovery function is the one that triggers this

      so I'm not so sure right now which one is


      I have no problem when working on perpheral and there are plenty of examples for this but for central I'm having a hard time to understand it

      the device I'm using is CYBLE-416045-02 on a custom pcb that I design