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    PSOC6 Wifi-BT Schematic | User Button


      I have few questions on the below screenshot. Screenshot is taken from PSOC6 Wifi-BT Schematic.


      1. What is meant by No Load in the below schematics?

      2. Why are the R67 and R68 present?

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          I assume "No Load" means "Do not populate" (a default build option).  The resistors are configuration options - you install either R67 or R68 (and either R65 or R66).



          The default build option is to install R67 and R65, and to leave R68 and R66 unpopulated.


          I haven't looked at the schematic, but it looks like the default is for the P0_4 signal to be "high", and when you press the button it goes "low".  But if you populated R68 and R66 (and didn't populate R67/R65), the default for P0_4 would be "low" (and pressing the button would make it go "high")

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