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    Tracelyzer usage in WICED.




      We are using STM32F412 based platform and running WICED threadx OS based application on it. We wanted to measure the CPU load used by the application. So we tried to use Tracelyzer tool after enabling TX_ENABLE_EVENT_TRACE macro. Then we are getting  the below linking error.


      undefined reference to `wiced_tracex_enable'


      So where can we get  the definition for `wiced_tracex_enable'? Is it part of a separate library?


      Also please let us know if there is any alternate ways for measuring the CPU load.




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          I think Tracelyzer is primarily intended to debug the host using FreeRTOS. Do you intend to do that?


          ThreadX, an RTOS from Express Logic (EL), has their own tracing tool known as TraceX which you need to license from EL themselves. If you don't intend to do that; instead do a runtime analysis using Tracelyzer tool, you build the FreeRTOS flavour of the same code example.

          e.g, snip.scan-BCM94343WWCD2-FreeRTOS-LwIP download


          By default, WICED does not record the traces for FreeRTOS for obvious memory considerations. If you need any help in setting up the FreeRTOSConfig.h to create the trace facility, which is documented well in FreeRTOS forums, please let me know.

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