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    Unexpected delay in consecutive USB packets over Bulk In Endpoint


      Dear Readers,


      I am using the Streamer application and 'bulk source sink' firmware image for testing.


      when I am reading the 32 kb from the application the time taken to read the 32 KB is sometimes is less than 1 millisecond and sometime it is coming 15~ 16 milliseconds.

      please find below the log which shows the 100 MB data read from the application and these logs are coming only when BeginDataXfer or WaitForXfer or FinishDataXfer is taking more than 1 milliseconds.

      here Total difference:- time taken to execute BeginDataXfer,WaitForXfer and FinishDataXfer function.

      begin Diff:- time taken to execute BeginDataXfer

      Wait4Xfer:- time taken to execute WaitForXfer

      FinishDiff:- time taken to execute FinishDataXfer