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    S6E2CC Flash USB Direct Programmer


      Hi everyone:


      I am using S6E2CC as a development kit, I am wondering to use SEGGER Embedded Studio as my IDE, thus I need to use Flash USB Direct Programmer to get the J-link firmware into the Cypress on-board debug solution.

      I already download SK-176-s6e2ccTestCode-V12.srec file and try it on Flash USB Direct Programmer. However, there is an error for downloading 'ERROR MCU:9EH No.001 Download error'. I am thinking about since the user manual guide said"connect a USB cable between CN3 and PC.", but I am connecting CN2. However, the problem is the board is not working when I connecting CN2(no power, no LED). Is it normal?? Or there is something wrong with my board? I appreciate with your suggestion, thanks!!


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