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    I need help with the wiced_bt_mesh_create_event function in BLE MESH



      Can you help me?


      I want the CYBT-213043-MESH board with the code: Mesh_Snip_213043MESH.mesh_vendor_specific_app

      send a message ( "0x01,0x02,0x03,0x04,0x05,0x06") to CYBT-213043-MESH  board with code: Mesh_Snip_213043MESH.mesh_provision_client / mesh_vendor_client.c or other CYBT-213043-MESH  board with code: mesh_vendor_specific_app



      But I don't want to use the function: mesh_vendor_server_send_data (wiced_bt_mesh_create_reply_event (p_event), MESH_VENDOR_OPCODE3, p_buffer, data_len +1);



      Now I want to use the function: wiced_bt_mesh_create_event



      I want to know, these are the lines that I should use ?:


      p_event = wiced_bt_mesh_create_event (element_idx, company_id, model_id, dst, app_key_idx);

          if (p_event == NULL)


              WICED_BT_TRACE ("app_proc_rx_cmd: no mem \ n");

              return WICED_TRUE;


          mesh_vendor_server_send_data (p_event, cmd_opcode, p_data + 6, length - 6);




      how can i use this function wiced_bt_mesh_create_event

      i don't understand what it is: element_idx, company_id, model_id, dst, app_key_idx



      Can you help me?