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    Suggestion for how the SDK installer could be improved

      I have had trouble installing the Broadcom IDE and there are two threads on that topic. I am patiently waiting for the ability to install under windows 10.


      I have recently installed quite a number of different IDE's from various companies since I am actively evaluating BLE solutions. All were pretty easy to install.


      In the case of several of them. they install  the JRE and other files and versions  they need, in the bin area for their IDE.


      This has the following advantages:


      1. No need to ask the user to worry about the 32 bit versions required.

      2. Pre-release testing can be accomplished with a specific JRE version.

      3. No need to worry about environmental variables.

      4. Less support cost to help users install.

      5. More people evaluating Broadcom silicon.


      Thanks to all of you for your help.