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    [213043MESH] It becomes unable to control MESH servers. (iOS)


      This issue is similar with [213043MESH] It becomes unable to control MESH servers.

      Could you unlock the discussion or reply on this ticket ?


      As far as my test using Android application, it looks the issue was fixed.

      But in case of using iOS application, the same issue is still shown.


      Could you help to fix this issue ?



          ModuaToolbox 2.1



          Two color light nodes are provisioned this MESH network.

          Peer application: MeshApp on iOS







          CYBT-213043 fails to control by iOS MeshApp when we keep changing colors.

          To use Android apps, it looks this issue was fixed to use wiced_btsdk

          But, to use iOS apps, this issue occurred.


      It looks iOS apps can send color changing request faster than Android.

      So, this might be a timing issue.

      We got the logs with DEBUG_TRACEs. Please check them.

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