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    BCM94343W_AVN fails to get an IP from AP DHCP



      I'm trying to run the AWS Shadow IoT example for BCM94343W_AVN but it fails most of the time to get an IP address from my AP, about 90% of the time I'm getting the error "Unable to obtain IP address via DHCP". There is no issue with my AP as other platforms works without any problem. Please, could anyone help me ?


      Board: BCM94343W_AVN

      WiCED Studio Version: 6.4

      Platform file from GitHub - CloudConnectKits/WICED-STUDIO-6.x_Platform_Files  


      Starting WICED Wiced_006.004.000.0061

      Platform BCM94343W_AVN initialised

      Started ThreadX v5.8

      WICED_core Initialized

      Initialising NetX_Duo v5.10_sp3

      Creating Packet pools

      WLAN MAC Address : B0:38:29:XX:XX:XX

      WLAN Firmware    : wl0: May  2 2019 02:39:20 version (r714225 CY) FWID 01-476cc09d

      WLAN CLM         : API: 12.2 Data: 9.10.39 Compiler: 1.29.4 ClmImport: 1.36.3 Creation: 2019-05-02 02:29:53

      [Shadow]Connecting to network

      Joining : my_network

      Successfully joined : my_network

      Obtaining IPv4 address via DHCP

      L1420 : dhcp_client_init() : DHCP CLIENT hostname = [WICED IP]

      Unable to obtain IP address via DHCP


      Thanks in advance