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    I need to send and receive messages with the BLE MESH, but without using the app Client Control Mesh


      I can print in UART the reply massage ("0x670x650x740x730x740x6c" or any message) with the card with code Mesh_Snip_213043MESH.mesh_provision_client / mesh_vendor_client.c (CYBT-213043-MESH




      the next thing i want to do



      i want the board that has the code: Mesh_Snip_213043MESH.mesh_provision_client / mesh_vendor_client.c, send the data: "0x670x650x740x730x740x6c" to the board with the code Mesh_Snip_213043MESH.mesh_vendor_

      but now without using the windows Mesh Control Client app



      I want to know if another microcontroller can send the same data frame sent by the Mesh Control Client app to the WICED HCI port? or



      Is the other option possible? : modify the Mesh_Snip_213043MESH.mesh_provision_client / mesh_vendor_client.c code so that it sends this data (0x670x650x740x730x740x6c) without using the Mesh Control Client app




      Can you tell me how can I do this?