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    Error while trying to Bootload a file to MCU


      Hello Together,


      i have a Problem with my Bootloader. I had to Split our exisiting Project in two Parts, one is now the Bootloader, this part should be as dumb as it can and our main Project as Bootloadable.



      I added a Bootloader to Project One and a Bootloadable to Project Two and made the reference between them.


      Both of them can be Compiled and i can Program our Chip with the Firmware.


      But when i want to Load the Bootloadable Software with the Bootloader Host Tool i got this Error From the Bootloader Host:



      01:09:52 PM - program Started

      01:09:53 PM - The slave failed to successfully acknowledge the packet.

      01:09:53 PM - Communication port reported error 'Unable to write data to the target device'.

      01:09:53 PM - program failed in 927 ms


      Maybe one of you can help me with this Problem.


      I appreciate every solution and help I can get.


      Have a nice day