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      May I  know the CY3684_EZ-USB_FX2LP_DVK  firmware will support for CY7C68013A?


      Please see the image below for CY3684_EZ-USB_FX2LP_DVK  firmware and I tried to load these  firmware with CY7C68013A using USB control center.


      But it doesn't work for CY7C68013A.



      I have another issue in USB control center .

      If I load the firmware and it doesn't show the information  please the figure below. But programming succeeded.








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          Hello Esakki,


          Yes, the CY3684 DVK firmware can be used for CY7C68013A, as the DVK itself uses the CY7C68013A-128AZC part, you can confirm this by checking the DVK schematic present in the hardware folder of the DVK package.


          Can you please let me know if the FX2LP CY7C68013A part is detected in the host PC?

          If you are using a custom board the device should be connected to the PC and should have a cypress specified VID and PID in order for the control center application to detect the device.

          Please let me know if you are using a custom board.




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            Hello Yatheesh,


            CY7C68013A is detected in the host PC.


            Bulksrc example design is working   I attach image for referencefx3.JPG