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      I am in need programming guide or reference for FX2LP firmware development.  


      I tried with Keil uvission2  for firmware development but it is not working.

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          If I using Keil uvission2  How to add the libraries in my project?


          What are the common libraries are required?


          Actually, the problem are after hex file creation, I load the hex file in to controller using Cypress control center.I didn't get my expected result.

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            Please use any of the example firmware present in the FX2LP DVK as a reference for creating and building you project. The example firmware in DVK package contains the required framework file fw.c which initializes device in a proper sequence so as to enumerate the device in the host PC and perform the required operation.


            Refer to the EZ-USB Development Kit User Guide present in the FX2LP DVK package Chapter 6: FX2LP Code Development Using the EZ-USB Framework for more details regarding the developing the firmware for FX2LP, which is a simple process when the fw.c file is used.

            The functional code can be put into the TD_Init() and TD_poll() sections of the firmware file.


            For details regarding the FX2LP registers and snippet of codes for the respective functions can be found in the EZ-USB Technical Reference Manual.