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    Can WICED_COUNTRY_WORLD_WIDE_XX be used in US on BCM4390?


      We have a customer whose product is based on a BCM4390 Wi-Fi SoC running WICED 3.1.2. They are setting the country code to WICED_COUNTRY_WORLD_WIDE_XX, and shipping units to the United States. They have questions about meeting regulatory requirements in the United States.


      According to their testing, the find that with this country code, they are able to join Access points advertising on channels 12 and 13. Will that behaviour invalidate certification in the United States for their product?


      Also, what is the maximum output power of this SoC when transmitting data?


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      Peter Hunt

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          1. Maximum output power of the SoC-->

          You can get the maximum output power by using mfgtest firmware and can check power targets by using wl curpower. The maximum output power per channel per rate depends on the country code.


          2. Invalidate certification in US for the product-->

          FCC regulations in the US have certain restrictions on channel 12 and 13. For this purpose, please provide following information-

          -->Is the customer using geolocation mechanism in their product?

          -->What is the output of wl chan_info when WICED_COUNTRY_WORLD_WIDE_XX is used?