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    USB Type C Power input


      Hello All,


      In our processor board, they used the normal power supply input connector.

      We want to replace with USB Type C Power supply input connector.


      Our processor has the below things:


      1. USB 3.0 Host controller

      2. USB 2.0 Host controller


      To get the USB Type-C power input, What kind of supports are needed from Processor chip?

      We want to confirm that we can use the USB Type-C Power input to this processor?

      What are the details/points to check for USB Type-C support in this processor side, i.e.

      This processor is compatible for USB Type-C Power supply input.


      Please provide your ideas.

      After this, need to choose the chip.



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          -Please let us know the power supply requirement for your processor board. Could you attach a system level diagram if possible?

          -Please also confirm if you are going for a type-C receptacle based design?


          Best Regards,


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            I am from Software team. The below details may not be 100% correct.


            1. Power Supply:

            DC Jack:

            TX2: 5.5V-19.6V


            2. We used the Nvidia Jetson Tx2 Developer's kit. In internet, you can get more details.

            This processor board is ARM Processor and it has Deep Sleep mode and PMIC chips.


            3.   What is meant by type-C receptacle based design?

            The device, the main purpose is Power Sink.