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    CYFX2LP - The Hex2bix Utility




      I am working on the FX2LP and I have a question regarding hex2bix utility.


      How to convert files from the hex format to the bix or i2c format?. I tried all possible combinations but i was not able to generate .iic file. for this I referred https://www.cypress.com/file/134666/download  this pdf. (section 5.8 Utilities)



      Aditya R

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          Hello Aditya,


          There are two ways in which you can convert the hex file to .iic file.


          1. Using command line:

          copy paste the hex2bix.exe utility from the bin folder to the folder where the input .hex file is present.

          open the command prompt and navigate to the folder containing the input .hex file and the utility.

          run the command as below

          hex2bix.exe -i -f 0xc0 -o <output file name> <input file name>


          for example: to convert bulkloop.hex to Bulkloop.iic

          hex2bix.exe -i -f 0xc0 -o Bulkloop.iic bulkloop.hex


          Bulkloop.iic will be generated in the same folder.





          2. Using the keil project: Automatic generation of the .iic file when the project is built.


          Open the keil project, right click on the target and select "Option for target". Under User tab you can specify the hex2bix utility path, input file and the output file in the After build/rebuild section.

          In this case the input file path and the output file path should be specified properly.

          If only the input file name and the output file name is specified, keil will search for the input file in the project folder and generate the file in the same folder.


          In the above case vend_ax firmware from the FX2LP DVK package is used, the hex2bix utility is present in the bin folder, the command line is used to relatively navigate to the bin folder and execute the utility.

          since the input file and the output files names are only specified, the input Vend_Ax.hex is taken from the project folder and the output Vend_Ax.iic is also generated in the same folder.

          This command is automatically executed after building the project.

          All the firmware projects provided with the FX2LP DVK pre-includes this so the when you build the example project the .iic file is generated along with the .hex file.




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            YatheeshK_36 Thank you..It works..!