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    [CYBT-343026] CYSPP port of EZ-Serial F/W




      I have a question about CYSPP in [EZ-BT WICED Studio modules (dual-mode): V1.1.14].


      Is the following my recognition correct in the contents described in P.21 [Table 2-7. CYSPP Configuration and Pin Relationship] of the User Guide?



      <Case 1>

      - [CYSPP Pin State]: Externally driven HIGH (de-asserted)

      - [CYSPP “enable” Value in Configuration]: Autostart

      <Case 2>

      - [CYSPP Pin State]: Externally driven LOW (asserted)

      - [CYSPP “enable” Value in Configuration]: Doesn’t matter


      Q1. In <Case1> state, is it possible to use both API mode and CYSPP mode?


      Q2. In <Case2> state, API mode cannot be used, but only CYSPP mode can be used?


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