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    Cy_SCB_SPI_ReadArray documentation


      The documentation for the PDL function Cy_SCB_SPI_ReadArray() contains these two mutually-contradictory statements:


      • This function only reads data available in the RX FIFO. It does not initiate an SPI transfer.
      • When in the master mode, this function writes data into the TX FIFO and waits until the transfer is completed before reading data from the RX FIFO.


      Cy_SCB_SPI_Read() contains a similar contradiction.


      Is it safe simply to assume that the second statement is wrong?

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          The first point is valid when you are using the SPI block in slave configuration. The second point is valid for master mode. In master mode, the API works as a high level API that writes data/ dummy bytes to the slave, waits for the transfer to get completed and then reads the data from the RX FIFO.




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            Hi Apurva.


            Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, I'm now more confused than before. You say the so-labeled "low-level API" is actually a high-level API? This makes no sense to me.

            I've experimented by calling Cy_SCB_SPI_ReadArray() without first calling Cy_SCB_SPI_WriteArrayBlocking(), and no activity occurs on the SPI bus.

            Can  you tell me how I can use the SPI PDL to send data to a slave device and collect the data returned during that same transaction?

            Thanks again,



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              Hi Apurva.


              After thorough testing, I can say definitively that the PDL does NOT behave the way you suggested. Calling Cy_SCB_SPI_ReadArray() does nothing but read data from the SPI RX FIFO. It does not write to the TX FIFO. The documentation is, as I suspected, just wrong.