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    PSoC 63 SPI slow speed


      operating system: WINDOWS 10

      IDE: PSoC creator 4.2

      MCU: CYBLE-416045-02

      SPI component version 2

      PDL: 3.1.0


      I am using SPI in Master mode

      CPHA 0

      CPOL 0

      Data Rate 25000 kbps

      Oversample 4


      the actual data rate is 6250 ksps

      if I remove MISO I can set oversample to 2 but I need MISO


      I need at least a sample rate of 1200 ksps how can I increase the speed of the SPI?

      is 6250 ksps the maximum sample rate?


      is there a way I can override the oversample to be 2 while keeping MISO?


      how can I increase my data rate?


      if 6250 ksps is the top speed then why does the datasheet boast a 25000 ksps spi bus?

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          Hi JaWa_4152831,


          When MISO is enabled, the oversampling factor can be between 4 to 16. The desired output frequency depends on the input clock source to the SCB block and the oversampling factor. ie desired SPI freq = SCB Clk freq/ Oversampling.


          To achieve 25 Mbps with minimum allowable oversampling of 4, set the input clk_peri to 100 MHz (25 x 4) as shown using clock configurator:




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            Thanks that helpedmI had to do that and also I edited the HF clock that feeds CLK_Peri it had HF clock was set to 50 it is now 100 and oversample 4 sets spi clock to 25Mhz! yay. FYI local clocks (perifrials) cannot be edited they are grayed out. only the upper clocks (currently in yellow) can be edited.