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    CYBT_413034_EVAL device not detected.


      I am having problems when programming the CYBT_413034_EVAL board from Wiced Studio 6.4.61

      I've created a make target for the platform, using the spp example in the apps directory:

      snip.bt.spp-CYBT_413034_EVAL download BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=20200521FFEE


      This target builds with no errors, but it often fails to connect with the target. I must perform a board recovery (hold recovery switch while pressing and releasing reset switch). This allows me to load new code once, then I have to repeat the process for another download.

      I've tried with a number of different sample apps, always with the same loading result.


      I do get debug info logged to a putty console, with the following output:


      APP Start

      app_management_callback 21

      app_management_callback 0

      hci_control_write_eir 2666e0


      EIR :09 09 73 70 70 20 74 65 73 74 03 03 01 11 00


      spp_rfcomm_start_server: rfcomm_create Port: 0x0002

      app_management_callback 20

      app_management_callback 20

      app_timeout: 1

      app_timeout: 2

      app_timeout: 3

      app_timeout: 4

      app_timeout: 5

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          Please use the recover procedure if you can't detect the device.

          This may happen if the HCI UART configuration isn't the default setting. You may try the hello_sensor demo to see if still need the recover procedure.

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            As I mentioned, I have to apply the recover procedure EACH time following a download of a demo to the CYBT_413034_EVAL-01 module, otherwise I get the connection error:


            No CYBT_413034_EVAL device detected.   

            1. Verify the CYBT_413034_EVAL board is connected _AND_ powered 

            2. Verify jumper J2 is populated 

            3. Verify SW4 switches(CTS, RTS, RXD, TXD) are in ON position

            4. Press the reset button on the CYBT_413034_EVAL board and retry  


            What are the HCI Default UART settings for this module and where can I find them in the SDK?


            I am using a CYBT_413034_EVAL-01 module for my tests. Do I need a CYBT_413034_EVAL-02 module to work with Wiced Studio?


            Could there be Library alignment problems with the Bluetooth stack (V4.6?) on ROM in the -01 device I have versus the -02 Bluetooth stack (V5.0) n the -02 device platform profile in Wiced Studio?


            Or perhaps a problem with the bootloader in the module? It appears that the module may simply lock up, perhaps in reset mode with no code running during the firmware loading process unless I apply the restore procedure.

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              It is normal if you have to program a device in the recover mode.

              You may take a look at the module programmer tool and the user guide: WICED Module Programmer User Guide – KBA225060

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                I am still unable to run a Bluetooth example of any kind on the EVAL board. I now have a second CYBT-413034-EVAL-02 dev board from Digikey. I checked all the jumpers and the switch settings on the board and plugged it into the PC. two com ports were created (good). I could putty into the higher numbered com port and observe debug messages (good).

                But when I attempt to build and load an example from Wiced Studio 6.4.61 I only get the

                "Hello Sensor Start"

                debug message, and nothing else. I scanned for the device using several bluetooth devices and the demo example was not found. I tried this with a number of demo apps with the same result, no bluetooth.

                I could get the snip.hal.gpio example running OK (but it doesn't set up the bluetooth stack, it only makes timer and gpio calls)

                I've attached the build output for the demo.hello_sensor-CYBT_413034_EVAL download target.

                Could you please verify this example will properly load and run on the CYBT-413034-EVAL-02  platform? I cannot proceed further without assistance getting code to run properly on your devices.




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                  I have found other posts which describe similar problems with Studio 6.4.0. The solution is to roll back to Studio 6.2.0 and apply the patch for the CYBT-413034 module as described in this solution:

                  CYBT-413034-EVAL EZ-BT Issues with WICED STUDIO V6.4


                  I have done this and now can get the examples to build, load and run correctly.

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