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    How to convert MBR2 to MBR3?


      What tools or applications notes are available to help customers convert their MBR2 designs to newer sensing technologies?


      I don't see CY8MBR2044 support in EZ-Click SP 2.0, which implies I won't be able to import a design from MBR2 specifically for the 2044 then convert it to a similar MBR3 such as the CY8MBR3018-LQXI.


      Beyond software conversion, there appears to be differences in voltage.

      What other key considerations are there?

      Is there a more compatible path from MBR2 to a PSoC chip rather than MBR3?



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          Hi GrCa_1363456


          CY8CMBR-2044 is not an I2C configurable device and hence, the reason for exclusion from EZ-Click. The parameters such as FSS and auto reset are detected from voltage levels on GPO pins and not from a configuration register as in the case of MBR3.


          MBR3 is more versatile compared to 2044.

          This supports configuring the parameters through I2C. Hence, they can be changed during run-time by a host as well.


          The voltage levels are same in both devices. CY8CMBR3002 is a similar device that does not support configuration over I2C. However, this supports only 2 CapSense sensors.

          We recommend to use the PSoC series of devices as it supports manual tuning and a wider operating conditions. It can also run as a standalone microcontroller.