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      I want to learn more about using wiced_transport_send_raw_buffer. Stumbled upon her description in wiced_transport.h.


      * Function         wiced_transport_send_raw_buffer


      *    Used when transport mode is WICED_TRANSPORT_UART_RAW_MODE. Available with the wiced_uart_raw_mode_lib.

      *    Send the packet to the host over the transport using the buffer allocated by the application.

      *    This function takes care of preparing the header and sending the data. The buffer must be freed

      *    by the application if return status is WICED_SUCCESS.


      * Note: Application has to allocate buffer from transport pool using wiced_transport_allocate_buffer

      *         and copy the payload to this buffer and send the payload pointer.

      *         This allows the application to use custom size buffers and avoid overrun of generic buffers,

      *         which is shared across firmware code.


      *@param[in]    p_buf                :Pointer to the payload

      *@param[in]    length               :Payload length

      * @return   wiced_result_t


      wiced_result_t wiced_transport_send_raw_buffer( uint8_t* p_buf, uint16_t length );


      When compiling using this function, I got an error - undefined reference to `wiced_transport_send_raw_buffer'.


      As far as I understood, I need the wiced_uart_raw_mode_lib library. Where can I get it and how can I connect it?


      Thank you!