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    AnyCloud_OTA_Using_MQTT using AWS IoT MQTT




      I saw in the ota_app_config.h of this project that there is an option AWS_IOT_MQTT_MODE.

      May I know if OTA via AWS IoT MQTT is already supported with this project?

      And what would be the steps/changes required to test this out?


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          You can use the AnyCloud_OTA_Using_MQTT example to establish connection with AWS IOT for OTA update.

          You need to do the following changes in ota_app_config.h file:

          --> Change the MQTT Broker Endpoint to your AWS IOT Endpoint. (#define MQTT_BROKER_URL)

          --> Change the MQTT Port to secure MQTT port 8883. (#define MQTT_SERVER_PORT)

          --> Enable TLS (#define ENABLE_TLS)

          --> Set the parameter AWS_IOT_MQTT_MODE = 1 (#define AWS_IOT_MQTT_MODE)

          --> Provide the Root CA certificate, Client Certificate and Private Key that will be generated in AWS IOT cloud.

          --> Change the WiFi SSID, WiFi Password, OTA_MQTT_ID and the MQTT topics accordingly.



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