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    ADV modification for multi-hello sensors with 1 hello-client.

      We come out a question there, if we put many hello-sensors in one big interior area
      but "Don't connect" any with 1 client master which only receives slave devices' broadcast data
      and firmware put all sensor data in broadcast field and send it via broadcast channel.

      If so, in 20-byte length format, we can all replace all bytes to replace with our sensor data?
      Is BT client can get correct ADV or it doesn't work.


      to sum up with this mechanism,

      - all sensors (slave devices) put sensor data in ADV and send it out; client master can get

      many ADV of different area sensor data.

      - if so, client can still call other API to get MAC addr or coz broadcast format is wrong,
      even free APP of handset can not scan it correctly?